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At Maitri's cove, we aim to celebrate women and their versatility with our collection of ethically sourced magnetic eyelashes. Whatever the occasion is, there is a look that will suit you the best

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A bit of history

False eyelashes is far to be a new fashion trend as they were invented in Paris during the late 1800's. By this time the process involded sewing hair trough eyelids.

In 1916 silent era actress Seena Owen is ordered by her film director to wear lashes made of human hair. They were glued on her eyelids using spirit gum.

By this time, it was quite hard to tell false eyelashes and some kind of torture device apart.

Fortunately for us, fashionistas such as actresses Marilyn Monroe and Rita Hayworth and model Twiggy made of falsies part of their signature.

Thankfully, they have come a long way since their inception and their pain-free, glue-free and cruelty free magnetized version have taken the world.