Magnetic eyelashes

Our collection of magnetic eyelashes offers remarkable and sophisticated results, they can be worn on any occasion, whether it’s to take a good picture for your Instagram, go to a party or a romantic dinner.

The five tiny unnoticeable magnets placed on the inside of each strip for maximum discretion and unlimited hold makes all the difference as it replaces the unpleasant and harmful glue that goes with traditional fake lashes.

Enhance the look while preserving the lashes, they have been designed for an easy and long-lasting application while offering optimal comfort. The shorter lashes are in the inner corner of the eye and the longer in the outer corner for a natural effect. Their lightness will make you completely forget them.

To obtain the desired results, it is essential to know how to choose reusable magnetic false eyelashes. The most important factor when choosing your lashes must be the shape of your eyes. If you have small eyes or drooping eyelids, it is advisable to choose for long false eyelashes to optimize the stretching of your eyes and to enhance your look. If you have larger, round eyes, choose long, thick false eyelashes with thicker strands in the center than towards the outside.