About Us

The story of Maitri's cove started one day in a hotel room in London. Rika was living an intense and overwhelming life to live up a lot of people's expectations. Boss, family and friend were happy about but she finally had to admit that while she was caring of everybody's good, there was one very important person she was completely passing on ... herself.
She took a step back of her fast paced everyday life and first felt guilty and selfish but then realized that she had been pouring from an empty cup.
This old saying learned in Latin classes echoed in her and finally made all its sense.
Mens sana in a corpore sano
This is how Maitri's cove was born.
Maitri (मैत्री in sanskrit) is a very old buddhism concept that admits many translation among them ; benevolence, amity, friendliness, loving kindness towards other but also and primary towards ourselves.
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